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1PLANET ENDORSES 2019 VIRGINIA GENERAL ASSEMBLY CANDIDATES 1Planet announces its 2019 endorsed candidates, including the ten target districts where the group will focus its educational, advocacy, and organizational efforts. 

1Planet is a Virginia-based 501c(4) climate advocacy organization. In the 2018 election, 1Planet endorsed Abigail Spanberger and focused its political efforts in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. In addition, the group devotes a significant amount of time to education and issue advocacy. 

1Planet’s 10 Virginia General Assembly targets include three incumbents: Delegate Wendy Gooditis (HD 10), Delegate Kelly Fowler (HD 21) and Delegate Hala Ayala (HD 51), and seven challengers: Dan Helmer (HD 40), Sheila Bynum-Coleman (HD 66), Rodney Willett (HD 73), Clint Jenkins (HD 76), Suhas Subramanyam (HD 87), Missy Cotter Smasal (SD 8) and Amy Laufer (SD 17). 

“These candidates recognize that the climate crisis is already here and that we have a short time in which to mitigate the worst effects. Virginia must be a leader in moving to clean energy and reducing our carbon output,” said 1Planet co-founder Jennifer Roda. 

“The current majority in the Virginia General Assembly is refusing to take action on climate change. They have worked to block Virginia from fully participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and have refused to give Virginians the choice to use clean energy, like solar. We cannot waste another minute – we need to send climate champions like the candidates we have endorsed – to Richmond,” said co-founder Christine Matthews. 

Virginia is on the front lines of climate change. “Many voters are not aware of the impact climate change is having on their daily lives right now,” said Susanna Carey, 1Planet co-founder. “From Hampton Roads, to Tangier Island, to Northern Virginia, our state is especially vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise and excessive heat caused by climate change. It is impacting all of us and we either deal with it now or face much more serious consequences later.” 

1Planet has endorsed a total of nine candidates for Senate and 33 candidates for Delegate. The full list follows: 

www.1planetwomen.org - 1 


Senate: SD2 (Mamie Locke); SD8 (Missy Cotter Smasal); SD9 (Jennifer McClellan); SD17 (Amy Laufer); SD19 (Flo Ketner); SD24 (Annette Hyde); SD26 (April Moore); SD27 (Ronnie Ross); SD32 (Janet Howell). 

Delegate: HD2 (Jennifer Carroll Foy); HD10 (Wendy Gooditis); HD11 (Sam Rasoul); HD14 (Eric Stamps); HD21 (Kelly Fowler); HD22 (Jennifer Woofter); HD27 (Larry Barnett); HD28 (Joshua Cole); HD29 (Irina Khanin); HD33 (Mavis Taintor); HD34 (Kathleen Murphy); HD35 (Mark Keam); HD39 (Vivian Watts); HD40 (Dan Helmer); HD44 (Paul Krizek); HD45 (Mark Levine); HD47 (Patrick Hope); HD51 (Hala Ayala); HD55 (Morgan Goodman); HD58 (Elizabeth Alcorn); HD61 (Trudy Berry); HD62 (Lindsey Dougherty); HD66 (Sheila Bynum Coleman); HD67 (Karrie Delaney); HD69 (Betsy Carr); HD73 (Rodney Willett); HD76 (Clint Jenkins); HD83 (Nancy Guy); HD87 (Suhas Subramanyam); HD88 (Jess Foster); HD89 (Jay Jones); HD96 (Mark Downey); HD99 (Francis Edwards) 

1Planet was founded in 2018 by Christine Matthews, Susanna Carey and Jennifer Roda to create a community of climate voters who will advocate and organize for state and federal action on the climate crisis. 


www.1planetwomen.org - 2 Eric Stamps 1Planet Endorsement

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