Clean Virginia Endorses Eric Stamps For Delegate

Clean Virginia - Eric Stamps For Delegate

Clean Virginia Endorses Eric Stamps For Delegate
July 16th, 2019. For Immediate Release

Eric Stamps, Candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates, 14th District, is pleased to announce that he has been endorsed by Clean Virginia. Eric’s opposition to new pipeline construction and refusal to accept donations from corporations like Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power sets him apart from his opponent. Eric was also one of the first candidates in Virginia to endorse the Green New Deal and his campaign’s focus on reducing pesticide usage and food safety is earning praise in the rural areas of the district.

Eric said “We need to begin the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy because we are running out of time to slow the effects of climate change. As Delegate, I will end the regulatory burdens that prevent the use of renewable energy in Virginia. I will not support any new pipeline construction and will push for a ban of carcinogenic pesticides being sold in our state.”

Eric’s opponent has accepted $152,855 from the oil and gas industry.

Eric’s team is looking for volunteers and supporters.  In addition, Eric is reaching out to community members for “kitchen table” conversations: small gatherings with community members discussing a topic of concern. If you would like to participate in or organize one of these events, please contact Robin Marcato at, for details.

Election day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Learn more about Eric Stamps and his campaign by visiting

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