Democratic Socialist are the soul of the Democratic Party

Medicare for all, a living wage, free college education….. what’s not to get behind? The reason that so many in the media are saying that democratic socialist are “dividing the party” is the critics are running scared. There is so much ridiculous criticism against future congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and other Democratic Socialist candidates show how desperate the old guard is to hang on to power in the party. If the party and its leaders can’t evolve with the electorate then it can expect to die out. This is more of a battle between old vs. new, playing it safe vs. progressing forward. What is truly amazing is that the policies that you’d think most Democratic Party supporters would get behind are what is being criticized. Take Medicare For All for instance. What is the problem with guaranteeing that every man, woman, and child in this country has healthcare coverage? The Republican party has been trying to abolish the program including Medicaid and Social Security for decades. Yet, when Democratic Socialist want to expand the programs to everyone all of a sudden it’s a problem.

“How are you going to pay for all of this” constantly comes up yet the Trump administration just approved $12 billion in aid to farmers they’d screwed over. How is the Trump administration going to pay for that? Or the tax cuts for the wealthy the GOP passed last year. Money clearly isn’t an issue and shouldn’t be an excuse to not help the working class in the United States. The cost savings alone is reason enough to enact a single-payer healthcare system in this country. Not only will it be a huge savings to individuals but to businesses, local, and state governments as well. Why should we continue to let private for-profit corporations dictated what care we can get? Why do we even need private health insurance companies in the first place? If you truly believe that healthcare is a right and not a privilege then Medicare for All / Single Payer Healthcare is something that you should get behind.

While productivity is up wages remain stagnant for the working class. Workers can’t seem to get a raise and republican controlled state governments are even making it so that cities and counties can’t raise the wage themselves. The unemployment rate may be lower but it’s mainly due to people having to work 2 and 3 low wage jobs just to make ends meet. Full-time teachers and nurses are having to get second jobs.. This shouldn’t be happening in the United States of America. Goods and services continue to rise while the full-time workers have to seek out government services and charity to put food on the table. If you truly believe that workers deserve better wages and not poverty wages then the fight for 15 dollars an hour is something that you should get behind. If wages kept up with productivity then the minimum wage would be well over 20 dollars an hour. 15 is the least we can do to start.

These and other issues like fair housing, fighting climate change, racial justice, the right to vote, and more are core to the democratic party’s message. Many are even included in the 2016 Democratic Party platform thanks to Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Yet, there is still a lot of ridiculous pushback about them dividing the party. “Running towards the middle” like Republican and former FBI Director James Comey wants us to do has not been winning us many elections over the past 11 years. Although, Democratic Socialist and progressive candidates are winning elections all across this country on these issues. These issues clearly do well in “Trump Country” because do well all over the United States. Democratic socialism, in short, is creating a system that actually benefits all of the people and not just the wealthiest and privileged among us. Fighting for changes that will help people to live a dignified life doesn’t have to be tailored based on the election being in a red or blue state. If change is what you believe in then you should support these candidates in the 2018 primaries, midterms and beyond.

Eric Stamps

Twitter: @ericstamps

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