IEBW and Food & Water Action Endorse Eric Stamps for Delegate

Food and Water Action Endorsement - Eric Stamps
IEBW Local 26 Endorsement - Eric Stamps
Food & Water Action Endorses Eric Stamps for Delegate
"Throughout this campaign, I have wanted to speak out about the concerns for our air, water, and food supply in Southern Virginia. This also includes speaking out about cancer-causing herbicides like glyphosate that have contaminated so much of our food and water supply. After the coal ash spill into the Dan River in 2014, many are still dealing with horrible smelling and tasting water; although it is considered safe to drink. While it may just be a nuisance, the source of the problem is still unclear.
Everyone should care about safe food and water, and as delegate protecting it will be my top priority. This means proposing a ban on the sale and usage of all chemicals containing glyphosate. Also, honoring the clean water act, and increasing funding for upgraded water treatment and supply systems."
-Eric Stamps
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26 Endorses Eric Stamps for Delegate
"I am committed to supporting organized labor and ending “Right to Work” laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The trades have been and should continue to be a pathway to the middle-class. Expanding workers rights, ending wage theft, and honoring labor agreements are just a few ways to ensure everyone is protected and safe on the job. "
-Eric Stamps

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