Workers deserve a living wage

The cost of goods and services continue to rise as wages remain stagnant for workers. The minimum wage is not a "starter wage" as it's opponents like to characterize it as. It is a poverty wage which keeps too many workers having to work multiple jobs just to survive. Often times having to rely on high-interest payday loans to make ends meet. Workers should be able to make enough at one full-time job to survive and the state of Virginia should not make it impossible for localities to raise their minimum wages.

The right to vote in Virginia

Put the Right to Vote in the Virginia Consitution

In Virginia, like in the rest of the nation, the people do not have the fundamental right to vote. It's time to elect politicians who understand that voting is a basic human right that should not be restricted or taken away.

No More Pipelines

The Mountian Valley (MVP) and Atlantic Coast (ACP) pipelines are a serious threat to the environment in Virginia. There is no going back once the water is contaminated when a leak happens. Virginia is already vulnerable to threats from the south due to lax environmental laws and substances like coal ash and toxic animal waste have already caused problems and are threats to the state. Everyone should care about clean water. These pipelines are not only violating private property rights but they are violating the right of people to live in a safe environment.

#NoMVP #NoACP #NoPipeline

No Pipelines
House the Homeless & Affordable Housing in Virginia

House the Homeless | Affordable Housing

There are 7 times more homes than homeless people in this country. We should do everything that we can to keep people off of the streets. A majority of these people have jobs but can't afford to find a place to stay. Many of us are just one sick day away from losing it all and that needs to change. We need more affordable housing and homeless shelters in Virginia.

Ratify the ERA VA

Equal Rights for Women

"Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."

Virginia needs to Ratify the ERA NOW.

Let Cities and Counties Govern Themselves

It is time to end the "Dillion Rule" in Virginia. Local government should not have to lobby the Virginia state legislature to have simple task down. Virginia is a unique mix of rural and urban areas which all have its own set of challenges. It's time to bring power back to local government and ending the Dillon Rule will make this happen.

Court ruling that local governments do not have any inherent sovereignty but instead must be authorized by state government. Charter. Document that, like a constitution, specifies the basic policies, procedures, and institutions of a municipality. Special. General. Classified. Optional. Home Rule Pearson Education, Inc. © 2006.
No Uranium Mining

No Uranium Mining

The ban needs to be kept in place and everything must be done on the state level to protect the environment and its people from this dangerous material. The dangers are not worth any amount of jobs it may create compared to the generations of economic, environmental, animal and human health damage it will cause.

Protect LGBTQ Rights

The LGBTQIA community still faces legal discrimination when it comes to housing,  the workplace, our criminal justice and healthcare systems. We must ensure that people are protected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Employers and landlords should not be able to discriminate. Those in our criminal justice system should be treated with dignity and not placed in dangerous situations based on gender identity. We can make Virginia a true state for liberty and freedom when all are truly free and treated equally. 

LGBTQ Rights Virginia

End Cash Bail

Cash bail hurts the poor and working poor the most. Often times people sit in jail awaiting sometimes years to be charged and have a trial because they are too poor to get out of jail. What's worse is that if someone can get bail through a bail bondsman and the charges are dropped the person still is in debt to the bail bondsman. If a person is not deemed a threat to the public then a phone call and/or mail notice for them to go to court is enough. It's time to stop debtors prisons in Virginia.

Single payer Virginia

Single Payer Healthcare

We need FULL Medicaid Expansion / Single Payer healthcare in Virginia. The cost savings alone is more than enough reason to get away from the private insurance market. In the richest country on earth, it is ridiculous that we have the health care system that we do. The Affordable Care Act did a lot of good but it still left too much power in the hands of private insurance companies that raised rates every year. Medicaid is the largest healthcare provider in the United States and it operates at a lower overhead cost. This will relieve a lot of burden on local governments and employers as they will not have to pay high private insurance cost. Healthcare is a human right and it's past time to stop letting private insurance companies dictate the kind of care people deserve.