Environmental Rights in Virginia. No Pipelines. No Uranium Mining. Green New Deal VA.
Green New Deal VA

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal puts the U.S. on the fast-track to becoming a society that is run 100% on clean renewable energy. Not only will it create millions of good paying jobs across the country but it will save the planet as well. The United Nations says that we have 11 years to make dramatic cuts in our carbon emission, or it will be too late.

The planet gets hotter and storms are more powerful every year. We can't continue to ignore global warming and the dangerous effects climate change has on our planet.

Clean Renewable Energy is a critical need for the people and planet. We need a mass movement to support locally sourced renewable energy, which will lower cost for business and customers as well as cut our carbon footprint. We should be putting solar panels on every public building. Provide more tax credits for homeowners and businesses to go green with wind and solar.

We need to demand a Green New Deal. 

No Pipelines

The Mountian Valley (MVP) and Atlantic Coast (ACP) pipelines are a serious threat to the environment in Virginia. There is no going back once the water is contaminated when a leak happens. Virginia is already vulnerable to threats from the south due to lax environmental laws and substances like coal ash and toxic animal waste have already caused problems and are threats to the state. Everyone should care about clean water. These pipelines are not only violating private property rights but they are violating the right of people to live in a safe environment.

No Uranium Mining

The uranium mining ban needs to be kept in place and everything must be done on the state level to protect the environment and its people from this dangerous material. The dangers are not worth any amount of jobs it may create compared to the generations of economic, environmental, animal and human health damage it will cause.