Response to Virginia Republican Inaction on Gun Safety

Statement on Virginia’s Special Session on Gun Violence

July 10, 2019. For Immediate Release

Below is a statement from Eric Stamps, Candidate for the 14th District House of Delegates:

Immediately after the mass shooting in Virginia Beach, Gov. Northam called for a special session to address gun violence. Yesterday, the Virginian Republican Party had the opportunity to propose and bring legislation to address gun violence. They could have proposed legislation on mental health reforms, which they claim to support. 

They refused to do anything. They refused to even discuss anything. 

In less than 90 minutes, Republicans made sure no gun related bills were put on the floor for a vote. They wouldn’t even allow voting on a bill to block guns in government controlled buildings. Had this law been in place on May 31, 12 people might not have died in Virginia Beach. The Virginia GOP should be ashamed.

The only vote that was taken was to adjourn until after Election Day. 

Voters need to ask the Republican Party why they even want to be lawmakers. How many gun deaths could we prevent with a Republican Party that worked on behalf of the people instead of the corporations that give them money? We need leaders in Richmond who will act in our interest. In our children’s interest. In our community’s interest. 

We need lawmakers who will not be afraid to talk about these issues. We need lawmakers who will do their job. 


Eric is the Democratic Candidate for the 14th District, Virginia House of Delegates. 

Eric’s team is looking for volunteers and supporters.  In addition, Eric is reaching out to community members for “kitchen table” conversations: small gatherings with community members discussing a topic of concern. If you would like to participate in or organize one of these events, please contact Robin Marcato at, for details. 

Election day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019. 

Learn more about Eric Stamps and his campaign by visiting

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